This year is an exciting time for our parish! Ideas and dreams from parishioners, staff, and lay leaders that have been in development through the strategic plan are now beginning to truly take shape and blossom. It is almost fortuitous that our annual Stewardship Renewal falls at this time of true renewal and growth within our parish community! We are continuing the great tradition of growth that St. Albert the Great has celebrated these last 60 years!

This year’s theme for our Annual Stewardship Renewal is “Pillars of Ministry”. We are each called to do more than simply volunteer. We are called to commit ourselves to be pillars of ministry and outreach in our community as we spread Christ’s love and Gospel message. There is so much good work that is done here in our parish—thank you for that!! Yet there is so much more waiting for us to do and that can only happen with the help of all of you!

Your Parish Pastoral Council, in collaboration with the Parish Staff, has been working to ensure that the many dreams and desires that you communicated via parishioner surveys and listening sessions become more than just dreams. This collaboration has led to the creation of a shared vision for our amazing parish! This is a vision of a unified community, connected through Christ, working together to bring new and expanded faith and service opportunities to and through St. Albert the Great Parish.

This common vision can best be visualized through the Five Pillars of Parish Ministry. These five pillars are Worship, Lifelong Formation and Education, Parish Life and Welfare, Social Concerns, and Administration. Parish staff and lay leadership have honed in on each Pillar and developed new and expanding opportunities within each. By doing this we will now be better able to serve Christ, the community at large, and, you, the parishioner. In this way our community will continue to be a vibrant and dynamic “Pillar of Ministry” as we truly live out our mission of inspiring people to love, serve, and know God and one another!

Please click here to view the St. Albert the Great Ministries Chart which lists the many ministries that St. Albert the Great offers and participates in.

These ministries each need your help! Your gifts of time, talent, and treasure are vital to helping St. Albert the Great continue to connect more families to Christ. We ask you to please pray over how you and your family can be “Pillars of Ministry” this year. Please fill out your Stewardship commitment cards and return them to the Parish as soon as possible. Please fill out only one Commitment Card per household.