The saints are our spiritual guides, our companions on life’s journey. Their experiences show us the path we are to take in our own lives.

There are three steps necessary for a person to become a saint.

First, the person must be named Venerable, which means he or she exhibited heroic virtues in life.

Before moving on to beatification, the person must have a miracle attributed to him or her. Once such a miracle is confirmed, the person is known as Blessed.

For the final step before canonization, the individual must have yet another miracle attributed to his or her intercession—unless he or she was a martyr for the faith. Only then is a person canonized and added to the list of saints.

Often people will say Catholics worship saints. Actually, it’s more of a “looking up to” them as examples of how we should live. Paintings or statues of these saints serve as visual reminders for us to emulate the saints in our own lives. We pray to saints for their intercession, which is like asking a friend of God to ask God for a favor.




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