Mrs. Coomes receives Catholic Education Foundation Teacher Award

Mrs. Coomes was recently honored with this award for excellence.
During the annual Archdiocese teacher’s meeting that was held before school opened, Mrs. Coomes was one of 39 teachers who received the Catholic Education Foundation Teacher Awards for excellence in Catholic schools.  Sponsored by the Ulmer family, this award is awarded to faculty members who embrace “the tradition of carrying on the Catholic faith and the ability to shape the hearts and minds of young people”, Archbishop Kurtz was quoted as saying.

Congratulations to Mrs. Coomes, our 7th and 8th grade mathematics and 8th grade religion teacher! Additional congratulations are extended to Julie Motiff, one of our St. Albert parents who also received this award for her work at Our Lady of Lourdes.

More on this wonderful award can be found in The Record, August 18, 2011.