Click Here to read the latest message from the Strategic Planning Committee regarding four new themes that will be of high priority to the parish for the next three years.


The 2017 Leadership Summit was a 2-day conference held on November 3rd and 4th, 2017 in which over 120 parishioners, former and present staff members, and community leaders (past, present, and future) gathered together to prayerfully consider and establish parish priorities, and through the work of the Holy Spirit, to prayerfully discern what God might be calling the parish to in the future. 

The summit discussed our current Parish Mission Statement and pushed forward to discuss the best parts of St. Albert the Great Parish, as well as parts in which we could use strengthening. All this was done in an effort to prepare the Parish Pastoral Council for the creation of a Parish Strategic Plan in the coming year. 

Click Here to read the Leadership Summit follow-up letter from the Strategic Planning Committee.

The ideas discussed and efforts made during this summit primarily focused on the Parish Dreams Survey, which parishioners completed via cards found in the Church over the course of several weeks in the Fall of 2017. The Dreams Survey is summarized into a wordle–an image which uses the most frequent words found in the survey–below. The larger the size of the word, the more frequent its use.


Feel free to download and peruse the two primary documents that were analyzed and discussed during the Leadership Summit.

2017 Leadership Summit – High Level Parish Summary

Leadership Summit-Organizational Reports