Justice Initiatives is a global social ministry within the parish life that provides information and education of the Catholic faith, according to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, in regards to guidelines on legislative, judicial, and global issues.  In Collaboration with Catholic Relief Services and a multi-parish Social Justice Committee within the Archdioceses of Louisville, we foster solidarity and justice through education, action, and financial scholarships to advocate and enhance the dignity of life for the human person living in poverty and deprivation. This ministry strives to make Christ present through service to the least of our brothers and sisters through social justice initiatives. We strive to keep our other parish organizations aware of the needs of our outside community and solicit their support for those needs. 





The Justice Initiatives Committee oversees the disbursement of funds for emergency assistance and through grants and monetary awards to non-profit organizations.  Click the following link for the Funding Application: Justice Initiatives Funding Application Form



Our Sister Parish Holy Spirit Catholic Church  in Maggotty, Jamaica 

St. Albert the Great offers assistance throughout the year to the Jamaica Mission in Maggotty, Jamaica. This assistance ranges from clothing donations, volunteer work, campaigns, and financial assistance. The primary goal in Maggotty is Evangelization to our brothers and sisters. Beyond the spreading of Christ’s love and Gospel, there are more concrete needs in Maggotty. Of those needs, bringing and supplying medicine, food, clothing, and education to the people of Maggotty is the purpose of the Justice Initiaves in Maggotty.




There are many opportunities for involvement in this ministry:


  • Change Their World (2 or 3 week collection in July to support Catholic education in Maggoty Jamaica. Contact Ann Burrice aburrice@att.net & Linda Fitzgerald lctfitz@gmail.com


  • Catholics at the Capital   Yearly in January or February, join Catholics from across the state for Many Gift, One Spirit: Catholics @ The Capital, a 2-day legislative advocacy conference. Our Catholic faith calls us to be Faithful Citizens actively engaged in shaping a society that represents human life and seeks and promotes the Common Good. Contact Mark Bouchard with Catholic Charities at mbouchard@archlou for more information


  • Legislative Awareness and Advocacy Email and Bulletin Announcements regarding Catholic stance on legislative and judicial issues on local, State and National levels. 


  • Speaking Engagements with Legislative Representatives Contact person: Mark Bouchard, mbouchard@archlou.org with Catholic Relief Services


  • Catholic Relief Services Collaborative efforts, as needed, with Catholic Relief Services.  Contact person with CRS is Mark Bouchard, mbouchard@archlou.org.


  • Refugee Ministry in collaboration with Catholic Charities to establish housing. Contact person: Catholic Charities (502) 636-9263


  • Refugee Mentoring Program with Catholic Charities. Catholic Charities (502) 636-9263


  • Multi-Parish Committee Quarterly Planning (St. Albert, Epiphany, Holy Spirit, Our Lady of Lourdes, St. Michael’s) of Archdiocese Social Justice Committee.  


  • Educational Presentations to Archdiocesan Participation in and organizational planning of quarterly educational presentations of Archdiocesan Social Justice Committee.


Change Their World Campaign

The biggest impact that St. Albert the Great has in providing aid to our Sister Community is through the Annual Change Their World Campaign, held during the Summer every year.

The funds collected through Change Their World allows 20+ children to attend school who otherwise would not be able to do so.  Thanks to everyone who helped with the collecting. Father Marek was ecstatic when he heard the news and is grateful as always for the support provided by Saint Albert for the people of Maggotty. 



class of 2016Your efforts DO make a difference.  

There are 200 children in the education program this year (picture above), thanks in part to the contributions of Saint Albert members. Three “graduates” of the education program are in college this year—an unimaginable dream for them had it not been for the education program and the assistance and encouragement they have received over the years. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Each Wednesday Mass is offered in thanksgiving for Saint Albert and other benefactors around the world.