Habitat for Humanity

This organization provides housing for low-income families by giving them the opportunity to build and purchase their own home. Volunteers provide the manpower for the home construction. Houses are built every other year. Contact Christina Effinger at 502-541-2553 or Mike Effinger at 641-3000. 


The Quartet parishes consisting of St. Albert the Great, Epiphany, St. Margaret Mary and St. Patrick will combine volunteers and finances to build a 2016-2017 Habitat House.

 The Habitat house built and subsidized by the Catholic churches of St. Albert the Great, St. Margaret Mary, St. Patrick and Epiphany is now complete and ready for occupancy.  Its new owner, Whitney Hancock, is thrilled and very grateful.

St. Albert would like to thank our fabulous volunteers who helped make this possible.

Ivana Abell, Carolyn Ambrosino, Mary Margaret Autry, Caroline Barboza, Ashley Bray, Diane Brewer, Mary Jo Burke, Brigid Crush, Jeremy Doyle, Christina and Mike Effinger, Peg Escola, Perry Factor, Tim Gertz, Sara Graham, Glenn Graham, Cheryl Harper, Gen Howard, Kim and Glenn Koestel,Tim Heustis, Kate Hopkins, Audra Kenyon, Brent Maymon, Michael McGrath, Jim McHugh, Clayton Orman, Nicholas Pesce, Denis Roux, Clark Salot, Ray Schmitt , Kathy, Schoen, Rick Strobel, Bob Thieneman, Mary Alice Thurmund, Mary and John Tierney,  Jerry Whalen, Michael Wimberg, Michael Winn and the Habitat crew lead by Chuck Sgro.