Eastern Area Community Ministries (EACM)

This organization is a covenant of churches formed for ecumenical and social service in the eastern area of Jefferson County and currently embraces twenty-seven member churches including St. Albert the Great. EACM was founded in 1990 to address the human needs of persons living east of the Watterson Expressway and north of I-64, by sharing resources, coordinating ministries and providing services. Neighborhood Visitor Program (NVP) is one EACM. NVP strives to help families in crisis by offering workshops, support groups and other special activities. NVP also provides emergency assistance with food, rent, mortgage, utility payments, medication, transportation and clothing. EACM has introduced a mentoring program with a focus on providing self-help projects that will assist and encourage the clients to become self-sufficient. For more information, please contact Denis Roux at 412-0852 or Mary Lou Schmitt  at 425-8549.

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