Season of Lent



Children’s Liturgy of the Word (has been suspended)  takes place during the 10:30 A.M. Sunday Mass from September through May and once a month during the summer. The program is generally intended for children ages 4-7 (or through 2nd grade until First Communion). NO registration is needed. The children are dismissed before the first reading to Visitation Hall and return during the Preparation of the Gifts. The structured program consists of readings, songs, and activities to help the children more fully participate in the Liturgy of the Word at an age appropriate level. Please call  Cindy McKinley (502)425-3940 with any questions, or to volunteer for this valuable ministry.

After our January Team Meeting, we will look at the status of the COVID-19 situation two weeks after Spring Break (Easter) and reevaluate when to restart Children’s Liturgy of the Word.

During this time when Children’s Liturgy of the Word has been suspended, please feel free to use/print these resources for your family.

When I was 4-5 years old and my brother was 9, we “played Mass” (which is a great way to learn about Mass.)  I do not recommend that you or your family “play” Mass; however, I would recommend that you set up a sacred space in your home.
A table or a shelf with a nice tablecloth, enthrone the Bible (open it to the Sunday’s Gospel – ( Matthew 2:1-12), place a candle or two, a crucifix (don’t have one? print a picture or create one) …..however simple or elaborate you’d like to make it – create a prayer space.
When you attend an online Mass video – fully participate in the Mass – use the entire range of liturgical actions and songs – Stand at the Gospel, sing the psalm and Gospel acclamation, add your own prayers of petition, kneel during the Eucharistic prayer (or stand and bow when the priest bows) – our Catholic rituals create a space for the encounter with God. At the time of Communion, pray the Prayer for Spiritual Communion.

Second Sunday of Lent- February 28 –

The Transfiguration of Our Lord

The Holy Gospel According to Mark 9:2-10

This Sunday is the Second Sunday of Lent.

Preparation for Sunday Scripture Readings

  1. In the Gospel this week, Jesus was with his friends on top of a high mountain when suddenly his clothes began to glow and two great men appeared with him— Moses and Elijah, who had died long before Jesus was born. Moses led the people of Israel out of slavery in Egypt and gave them the Ten Commandments. Elijah was a great prophet who taught the people to be faithful to God. Let’s listen to this story from our Gospel.
  2. Read aloud today’s Gospel, Mark 9:2-10.
  3. This was a special moment for Jesus’ friends because they saw that Jesus is God. Peter wanted to preserve this memory by making three houses on the mountain—one for Jesus, one for Moses, and one for Elijah. Jesus’ friends were probably anxious to tell everyone at home what had happened on the mountain. But Jesus asked them to wait until after his death when he could prove to everyone that he is God by coming back to life.
  4.  After Jesus died and rose, his friends shared this special memory. It was written in the Bible so that we too could know for sure that Jesus is God. Show the children the Bible and allow time for the children to look through it. Invite them to name other things that they have learned about Jesus from the Bible.
  5. Conclude in prayer together, thanking God for all the memories of Jesus that have been shared with us in the Bible. Pray together the Lord’s Prayer.

We invite you to check out the animated video on the Gospel reading shared here and click on the links below for Children’s Liturgy Worksheets, family reflections and crafts.

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