THANK YOU to every parishioner, visitor, friend, family member, and well-wisher for your support of this Capital Campaign! Without your help and enthusiasm, the Parish Life Complex would not now be a reality!



We have reached $2 Million in Pledges! Less than $1 Million Remaining! LET’S REACH OUR GOAL TOGETHER!

We want to extend an enormous thank you to all who have pledged funds to our Beyond the Building campaign so far. We have a total of $2,960,622.00 pledged to be donated to the Beyond the Building Fund. We currently have received over $2 million of those pledged funds! This is an INCREDIBLE accomplishment! But, to maintain our financial stability it is vital that those who have pledged continue to fulfill their pledges. We can do this!   As we continue to trust God and remain faithful in our commitment, our vision will be achieved!

For anyone who has not already made a pledge or who wishes to increase their pledge, donations can be made online or in person. Building Fund Envelopes can be found in the Literature Rack in the main entrances to the Church. You can turn in all envelopes and checks to Cheryl Harper, Finance Administrative Assistant, at the Parish Office or in the collection baskets during Mass (MEMO: Building Fund). You can also contact Cheryl at 502-425-3940, ext. 107  or by email at with any questions.

Construction Began on October 9, 2017 and with the Dedication occurring on September 16, 2018!




The blueprints featured below have been officially approved as our final layout. This drawing is what will be brought to life here at St. Albert over the next several months, with our Summer 2018 completion goal still in sight. We are all very excited to usher in this new chapter of life here at St. Albert the Great! Continue reading below for more detailed design layouts of the changes to Hendricks Hall and how you can continue to donate and help make this dream a concrete reality! 

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The Parish Life Complex

The Parish Life Complex will consist of three buildings: Hendricks Hall, Willett Hall, and a new hospitality space called the Parish Life Center. Integrated into a single facility, the Parish Life Complex will have a shared entrance and architecture that will complement our campus identity.

Renovating existing resources is cost effective, good for the environment and expedites the building process; with a grand opening projected for the summer of 2018!

Our new Parish Life Center provides needed space and updated facilities for parishioners of all ages and will continue to do so for future generations!

Beyond the Building…Something for everyone!

  • Committee Meetings
  • Receptions
  • Bereavement Luncheons
  • Conferences & Lectures
  • Musical Concerts & Performing Arts
  • Bible Studies & Retreats
  • Support Group Meetings
  • Archdiocesan Seminars
  • Children’s Clubs & Scout Meetings
  • Youth Ministry Space
  • Nursery & Childcare
  • School Functions
  • Athletic Events & Practice Space
  • Adult Athletic Leagues
  • Networking & Professional Development
  • Young Adult Socials


  • Construction Began October 2017
  • Begin interior renovations (Spring 2018)
  • Move into new building & renovated spaces (August 2018)
  • Dedication of the new building (September 2018)


  • Spread the word! Share your excitement about the new building with others
  • Pray! Keep your prayer card close
  • Give! Pledge Cards are available to make your donations
  • ONLINE GIVING: Go to and make your pledge online