Boxtop Competition Extended

Show your school spirit in more ways than one!

Due to missing the few days of school before Christmas, we are going to extend the Box Top UK/UL competition until this Wednesday, January 5th.  Please send in all box tops to either the UK bend or UL bend!  The team with the most box tops will get to wear their team’s shirt, sweatshirt or colors on a special day. Please cut, collect and send in box tops – this is FREE money for our school!  Did you know that our school receives $0.10 for EACH box top…so if you send in 10 – we receive $1…if you send in 100 – we receive $10 and so on.  

It’s easy to do and for a list of products that have a boxtop on them – visit  Some common products include:  Ziplocs, Juicy Juice, Cereals, Kleenex…it’s a big list!  
Anna Bunting, PTO Boxtop Committee Chairperson